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Frequently Asked Questions​

Frequently Asked Questions​

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frequently asked questions study in france

Who can apply?

Our programs are open to students of all nationalities who are interested in studying at higher education institutions in France or who wish to learn French at a language school in France. However, please note that we have certain limitations and may not be able to accept applications from certain individuals.

Can I apply with a friend or partner?

Yes, we can help you and your friend or partner apply together. However, it’s important to note that each individual will need to complete their own official application paperwork. The immigration process requires separate applications for each person, even if you are applying as a group.

What is the cost of living in France?

The cost of living in France varies based on location, program, and personal preferences. On average, students need around 600 to 800 Euros per month to cover expenses like food, transportation, and accommodation. Government funding and many student discounts everywhere make studying in France relatively affordable.

Does Go! Go! France offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not assist with financial aid or scholarships. However, there are various scholarships available for foreign students in France. French public institutes and the Erasmus+ program offer a wide range of scholarships to assist students in financing their studies in France and Europe. For more information, we recommend visiting the following website:

Can I bring medication to France?

When carrying medicinal products, it is important to ensure that the quantity does not exceed what is necessary for personal use. Personal use corresponds to the length of treatment specified by the medical prescription or, where there is none, treatment for 3 months. For more detailed information, we recommend visiting the following website:

Can I bring my pet to France?

Importing pets from non-EU countries into the European Union requires declaration and presentation to Customs for document and identity checks. Failure to declare an animal can lead to fines and confiscation of the pet. For detailed information, we recommend visiting the following website:

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