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Studying abroad involves a lot of organization, from finding accommodation and setting up internet, to registering at your local ward office and signing up for health insurance. Navigating all this in a foreign country can be daunting, which is why Go! Go! France offers a range of services to assist those planning to study in France – including assistance with language school applications and visa processing.

Here are the services we can assist you with to prepare for your new study abroad experience in France.

Language Schools

Go! Go! France partners with some of the best French language schools in key cities like Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, and Paris.

Whether you seek standard or intensive language courses, cultural immersion programs, private tutoring, exam preparation, or courses in specific academic subjects, these schools provide a diverse array of options to match various goals and timeframes.

Learn more about our schools here:

Study Trips

Build the perfect Study Trip for your Group in France! Our tailor-made study trips for groups in France cater specifically to educational institutions, including schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and other learning centers across the globe. Programs are meticulously designed to offer students a complete educational experience. Students will benefit from French language courses, suitable accommodation, and a variety of cultural, sports, and culinary activities.

More info here:

Go! Go! France

Health & Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against the costs of a lost passport or delayed flight with travel insurance. We recommend our partner, WorldTrips, as a reliable insurance broker. Their insurance package covers medical and travel expenses.

Sign up for health and travel insurance:

After paying the premium, you will receive the policy documents and terms via email a few days before your arrival in France. Regardless of your insurance choice, be sure to thoroughly read the policy documents and ask any questions before payment. Your policy should at least cover liability (mandatory in France) and medical emergencies or accidents. We also advise coverage for lost baggage, official documents, money, and high-priced items like laptops and cameras (check the policy limits for these items).

Go! Go! France

SIM Cards & Calls

An eSIM card is a top choice for international students in France. For those not ready for a long-term mobile contract, eSIM offers flexibility, allowing easy switches between data plans or carriers without physical SIM card swaps. It’s ideal for students with dual SIM devices, enabling them to keep their home number while using a local number.

We recommend opting for a mobile virtual network operator like Holafly before moving to France. They offer lower costs, flexibility, and you can order your eSIM card online and activate it anytime. You’ll have the ability to make and receive calls, connect to the internet (4G/LTE/5G), and enjoy simple, contract-free service with the option to buy data as needed and easy top-ups. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer support in various languages.

Sign up for an eSIM card here:

Go! Go! France


Opening a bank account in France can be challenging, especially without French or English proficiency. Using bank cards from your home country often incurs international exchange fees. That’s why Go! Go! France recommends Wise (formerly Transferwise). They offer a multi-currency account, international money transfers, and a Mastercard debit card for use in France – all with low fees.

Apply for a Wise account here:

Go! Go! France


Our partner enables us to offer a wide selection of accommodation options in France. The search process is user-friendly, allowing you to filter accommodations by city, price, and other criteria.

The application process is streamlined for your convenience. Book your accommodation online without bureaucracy or the need for a guarantor. Our partner provides multilingual support, a 24-hour move-in policy, an accuracy check for each listing, and an official prepaid accommodation certificate for visa applicants.

Start your accommodation search here:

Go! Go! France

Go! Go! France Support

At Go! Go! France, we’re dedicated to making your dream of studying in France a reality. Through our tailored services, comprehensive support, and student-first approach, we simplify the application process and pave the way for your educational adventure in France. When you feel ready to start, contact us to get your life and study in France journey started.

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