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Which French course and program should you choose

By Gilbert
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French courses

Deciding to learn French in France is a transformative step towards not only mastering a new language but also immersing yourself in one of the world’s richest cultures. French language schools offer a plethora of French courses and programs tailored to meet diverse needs and aspirations.

Whether you’re an international student eager to live and study in France, or someone looking to enhance their professional skills through language learning, there is an option tailored for you.

General French Courses

General French courses are the backbone of language learning in France. They are designed to improve your fluency and comprehension across all levels of proficiency. These courses are typically offered at various times throughout the day – morning, afternoon, and evening – providing flexibility to fit your schedule.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to polish your linguistic skills, general French courses offer a comprehensive approach to language learning. Learn more in this article:

Business French

For professionals or students aiming to venture into the business world in France or in French-speaking countries, Business French courses are invaluable. These programs focus on the jargon, cultural norms, and communication styles prevalent in the French business environment. Enhancing your professional French can open doors to numerous opportunities in the global market.

Exam Preparation Courses (DELF/DALF or TCF)

Certifications like DELF, DALF, and TCF are often required for university admissions or job applications in French-speaking contexts. Exam preparation courses are specifically designed to equip you with the strategies and skills needed to excel in these exams. These programs focus on the exam format, typical questions, and effective techniques for success.

Read more about the DELF/DALF certifications in this article:, and the TCF here:

French courses

Private Courses

For those seeking personalized attention and a tailored learning experience, private French courses are the ideal choice. These one-on-one sessions allow for focused learning at your own pace, addressing specific areas of interest or difficulty. Private courses are perfect for focusing on particular linguistic skills.

Au Pair Courses

Au Pair French courses offer a unique blend of language learning and cultural exchange. These programs are perfect for those looking to improve their French while living with a French family, providing childcare in exchange for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French lifestyle.

Summer Courses

Summer courses in France are a popular option for students looking to combine language learning with a memorable summer experience. These programs often include a mix of classroom instruction and cultural excursions, making for an enjoyable and educational stay in France.

Junior Courses

Tailored for younger learners, junior French courses are designed to engage and educate through interactive and fun methods. Everything is taken care of, including lessons, activities, entertainment, accommodation, and even transfers. It’s an excellent way for those under 18 to discover a new language and culture, all within a safe and well-organized framework.

French courses

French + Cultural Activities Programs

For those who wish to dive deeper into French culture while learning the language, our French + Cultural Activities programs are the perfect fit. These courses combine language lessons with cultural workshops, cooking classes, art tours, and more, offering a holistic approach to understanding and appreciating French culture.

Whether you’re interested in learning French alongside French cuisine, or you’re eager to combine language lessons with visits to French museums, we have the program you need. Contact us for more information on all the programs and activities offered by our partner schools.

University Pathway Programs

University pathway programs are designed for international students planning to pursue higher education in France. These programs focus on language skills and academic preparation, ensuring students meet the linguistic requirements for university studies and adapt to the academic culture in France.

More info here:

Choose the Right Course/Program for You

Choosing the right French course or program in France can significantly impact your language learning journey and cultural experience. From general courses that lay a solid linguistic foundation to specialized programs tailored for professional or academic pursuits, the options are vast and varied.

Consider your goals, interests, and schedule when selecting a program: and embrace the opportunity to learn French in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world.

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