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Build the perfect Study Trip for your Group in France!

Our tailor-made study trips for groups in France cater specifically to educational institutions, including schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and other learning centers across the globe. These comprehensive immersion programs are meticulously designed to offer students a complete educational experience. Students will benefit from French language courses, suitable accommodation, and a variety of cultural, sports, and culinary activities. Explore France’s rich heritage and enhance your learning journey with us.

study trips for groups in france


Tailor-made Study Trips for Groups in France

At Go! Go! France, we believe education extends beyond classroom walls. We are dedicated to offering students transformative learning opportunities through tailor-made study trips in France. These trips are not just about enhancing academic knowledge; they’re about creating lasting memories and broadening horizons. Discover France with Go! Go! France—your portal to immersive educational adventures! Our expertise in designing bespoke study trips for groups in France ensures that students can explore and experience the rich, vibrant culture of the country. With us, you’ll enjoy an educational journey that is as safe as it is enriching, crafted to inspire and educate in the most engaging way possible.


Step by Step


Connect with our Tour Coordinators, experts in organizing study trips for groups in France. Our team is committed to enhancing your students’ educational experiences.


Our study trips for groups in France are fully customizable. Share your ideas, and we’ll tailor the perfect educational journey to fit your students’ needs, budget, and time constraints. Don’t have a clear plan yet? No problem! We’re here to suggest enriching activities and unique experiences that will elevate your study trip.


From booking to logistics, we manage all the reservations and support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.


What's Included?

At Go! Go! France, we specialize in customizing study trips for groups in France that align perfectly with each group’s unique needs. With the flexibility to choose your program’s start date, class schedules, duration, topics, and activities, we make it easy to tailor the perfect educational journey.


Why choose Go! Go! France

why choose G

Experienced Native French Instructors

Our classes are led by native French-speaking teachers with extensive teaching experience, ensuring high-quality language education.

Flexible Accommodation Options

Whether preferring the authentic experience of living with a host family, the independence of a hotel, or the community of a dormitory, we offer accommodation options to suit all preferences.

Accredited Language Schools

Your students will study at a school accredited by FLE label, guaranteeing a recognized and respected educational standard.

Personalized French Programs

We tailor every academic program to fit the specific needs and objectives of your group, ensuring a customized educational experience.

Cultural Immersion

The cultural program is designed to encourage the use of French outside the classroom, enhancing language skills through practical engagement.

French Language Certification

Each student receives a French language certificate upon completion, adding value to their educational journey.

Prime Locations & Excursions

All our partner schools are centrally located in city centers, making it easy to explore and immerse in the local culture.

Wide Range of Activities

Choose from a wide range of cultural, sportive, culinary, and recreational activities to create an enriching and diverse experience.

Convenient Transportation Solutions

We offer optional airport pick-up and drop-off services, along with the arrangement of transportation cards for easy travel throughout your trip.


Choose from a Wide Range of Activities

Our activities and cultural experiences are perfectly designed to complement your French language and cultural learning journey. Each option encourages students to practice French in real-world settings, offering deep insights into the vibrant French culture. Below are just a few examples of the diverse activities we can arrange for your group.

study trips for groups in france

City Tour

study trips for groups in france

Cooking and Baking Class

study trips for groups in france

Cultural Show

study trips for groups in france


study trips for groups in france

Market Visit

study trips for groups in france

Museum Visit

study trips for groups in france

Perfume Creation Workshop

study trips for groups in france

River Cruise

study trips for groups in france


study trips for groups in france

Wine and Cheese Tasting

There are many cultural, sportive, culinary, and recreational activities to choose from.
The ones listed above are merely illustrative examples.


Discover the Best French Cities

Each destination offers unique educational and cultural experiences that can enrich your study trip and provide your students with a comprehensive understanding of French culture and history. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations based on your group’s educational goals and interests!


Visit Famous French Cities Nearby

While the destinations listed below are favorites among school groups for full-day excursions, you have the complete flexibility to choose any location throughout France. Feel free to ask us for personalized recommendations that align with your educational objectives!


Choose the Best Accommodation for Your Group

Select the perfect accommodation to meet the needs of both students and teachers during your study trip in France. Each option provides a unique experience, enabling participants to immerse themselves in French culture while enjoying different levels of comfort and interaction.

Dive into authentic French daily life with our homestay option. Students will live with local families, practicing the French language daily and experiencing rich cultural traditions firsthand. This option is ideal for students seeking a deep cultural immersion.

Opt for a communal living experience in dormitories, where students can stay together as a group. This accommodation is perfect for fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among students as they explore French culture and language together.

For those seeking more comfort and privacy, our recommended hotels provide a relaxing base from which to explore France. Enjoy well-appointed facilities and convenient access to local attractions, making it easy to blend educational activities with relaxation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our study trips for groups in France can begin at any time throughout the year. We recommend booking in advance during peak periods to secure your preferred dates.

Tailor the length of your trip to suit your group’s needs, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Students aged 16 years and older are welcome. We ensure that the housing options provided are appropriate for the age and requirements of each group.

A group typically requires 6-8 students. For smaller groups, we offer attractive discounts, so please inquire about options for smaller numbers.

Daily transportation to school is not typically provided, as France boasts an excellent public transportation system. Host families are generally located close to the schools to facilitate easy commuting.

If all students in your group are of similar age and skill level, we can arrange for a dedicated class. Alternatively, students of varying levels are placed in existing classes after an initial placement test to ensure they receive instruction appropriate to their proficiency.

We can incorporate a variety of educational themes tailored to your group’s interests, including French language and literature, art, history, culinary arts, and more. Each theme is designed to provide engaging and immersive learning experiences.

We take dietary restrictions and allergies seriously. Please inform us in advance, and we will coordinate with host families to ensure that all dietary needs are met safely and appropriately throughout the trip.

The trip cost typically includes accommodation, meals, scheduled activities and excursions, transportation within France, and educational materials. Specific inclusions can vary, so we recommend reviewing your trip itinerary for detailed information.

Yes, we offer a pre-departure orientation guide that cover cultural norms, basic language skills, and travel safety tips to ensure students are well-prepared and confident upon their arrival in France.

Visa and travel document requirements depend on the student’s nationality and the duration of the stay. Typically, non-EU students staying for less than 90 days may need a short-stay visa. We advise contacting us or consulting the nearest French consulate for the most accurate and personalized information.

Absolutely! We are committed to inclusivity and strive to accommodate all students. Please inform us of your specific needs so we can ensure accessibility and provide any necessary support throughout the course and activities.

No, the cost of the trip does not include flights. Many airlines, including AirFrance, operate daily connections with international airports around the world. Participants are responsible for arranging their own air travel to and from France. We are happy to provide advice on booking flights if needed.

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French Classes​

Tailor the French classes to perfectly suit your group’s educational needs. Choose the frequency and intensity that best fits your schedule and objectives.


Choose from a wide array of activities to enrich your study trip. Our offerings include cultural tours, sports events, culinary experiences, and recreational activities, ensuring that every student finds something exciting.

Full-Day Excursions

Take advantage of our full-day excursions to explore charming nearby towns and breathtaking natural landscapes. These trips are designed to complement the educational experience with real-world exposure to French culture and geography.


We offer flexible lodging solutions ranging from homestays with local families, which include meal options, to dormitory and hotel accommodations. Teachers have the choice of host family stays or hotel accommodations, ensuring comfort throughout the stay.


Experience authentic French cuisine with our full-board homestay option, where meals are provided by host families. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the daily life and culinary traditions of France.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Enjoy seamless airport or train station transfers at the beginning and end of your trip. We ensure your travel to and from France is as smooth as possible.

Transportation Cards​

To facilitate your travels within France, we can arrange for transportation cards at the best rates, ensuring hassle-free movement throughout your stay.

Entrance Tickets

Gain access to a variety of educational sites including museums, parks, and other attractions with pre-arranged admission tickets.

Health & Travel Insurance

Stay protected with comprehensive health and travel insurance plans that comply with French government guidelines, ensuring your safety throughout the trip.

Language Certificate

At the trip’s conclusion, receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the program, a valuable addition to your educational accomplishments.