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Eating breakfast in France

By Aline
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breakfast in france

When you think of breakfast in France, images of flaky croissants and strong coffee likely come to mind. However, there is much more to the French breakfast culture than these iconic staples.

A Typical Breakfast in France

A traditional French breakfast, known as “petit déjeuner,” is typically light and simple. It often includes a selection of pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, or brioche. These pastries are usually enjoyed with a hot beverage like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Bread, particularly the classic baguette, is also a common feature, served with butter, jam, or honey. In addition to pastries and bread, French breakfasts might include yoghurt and fresh fruit. Cereal is also becoming more popular, especially among children and teenagers.

However, you’ve probably already noticed it: breakfast in France is generally a sweet meal. Compared to many other countries where eggs, meat, and more consistent food are served, French people prefer sweets in the morning.

breakfast in france

French People and Breakfast Culture

In France, breakfast is often a quick meal eaten at home before starting the day. It is less elaborate compared to other meals, reflecting the French preference for a lighter start. Many French people prefer to eat their breakfast at home, savouring their coffee and pastry while reading the news, watching TV or enjoying a quiet moment.

For children, breakfast is often seen has a crucial meal to kickstart their day. A typical breakfast for kids might include hot chocolate, a bowl of cereal with milk, or tartines (slices of baguette) with butter and jam. Pastries are also a favourite, especially on weekends. French parents place a high value on ensuring their children have a balanced breakfast to fuel their day at school.

breakfast in france

Brunch Culture

While traditional breakfasts remain popular, the concept of brunch is gaining traction in France, particularly in urban areas. Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch, typically includes a variety of dishes such as eggs, salads, smoked salmon, cheeses, and pastries, alongside beverages like coffee, tea, and fresh juices.

Brunch spots are becoming trendy, especially among young people and expatriates. These places often offer a more extensive menu, providing an opportunity to relax and socialize on weekends.

Popular Breakfast Products and Brands

Several French brands are synonymous with breakfast staples. For instance, Bonne Maman is famous for its delicious jams, which are a staple on many breakfast tables. La Laitière offers a range of dairy products, including yoghurts and desserts which are popular breakfast choices.

When it comes to packaged breakfast items, Pasquier and LU are renowned brands that provide high-quality, traditional French baked goods. These brands emphasize artisanal methods and high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful breakfast experience.

breakfast in france

Breakfast Advertisements

Breakfast products are often marketed in France with a focus on quality, tradition, and taste. Advertisements frequently highlight the artisanal methods of production, the use of natural ingredients, and the importance of a good breakfast for a productive day.

Campaigns for breakfast cereals and dairy products often target families, emphasizing the nutritional benefits for children. In contrast, advertisements for coffee and pastries tend to appeal to adults, highlighting moments of indulgence and the pleasure of starting the day with a delicious, high-quality meal.

breakfast in france

Treat Yourself With A Good Breakfast

Breakfast in France, while simple, is a cherished part of daily life that reflects the country’s love for quality and tradition. Whether it’s enjoying a croissant with a steaming cup of coffee or exploring the burgeoning brunch scene, breakfast in France is an experience to savour.

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