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Why choose spring for your studies in France

By Gilbert
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Spring in France is not just a season; it’s a vibrant canvas that paints every corner of the country with renewed life and colours. For international students eyeing an educational adventure, choosing to live and study in France during this rejuvenating season brings a multitude of benefits.

Let’s explore the perks of springtime in France, along with a few considerations, the best places to visit, activities to engage in, and the ideal student persona that thrives in this season.

Pros of the Season

  1. Cultural Tapestry: Spring in France is laden with festivals and events that showcase the rich cultural tapestry of the country. From the International Kite Festival at Berck-sur-Mer to the Cannes Film Festival, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique experiences.
  2. Ideal Weather Conditions: With mild temperatures and longer days, the weather in spring is perfect for exploring the cities and countryside. This is the time when France’s natural beauty is at its peak, making it ideal for outdoor studies, leisure activities, and simply soaking in the ambience of French life.
  3. Less Crowded Attractions: Spring marks the shoulder season for tourism in France. International students can take advantage of shorter lines at museums, monuments, and other attractions, making it easier to explore and learn about the country’s history and culture without the rush.

Cons of the Season

  1. Unpredictable Weather: Early spring in France can be unpredictable, with occasional showers and cool temperatures that might require frequent wardrobe adjustments.
  2. Allergy Considerations: For students with sensitivities, spring brings pollen and other allergens that could affect comfort and health, making it important to prepare accordingly.
  3. Increased Accommodation Costs: Spring marks the beginning of the tourist season in many parts of France, which can lead to higher prices for accommodations. This might affect students looking for short-term housing or those wishing to travel around the country.

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Wondering if you’ll have enough time to enjoy spring as a student? Check school holidays here:

Where to Go

  1. Paris: The City of Light comes alive in spring, offering breathtaking views of cherry blossoms at the Champ de Mars and the Jardin des Plantes. Don’t miss iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Montmartre district, which are especially enchanting in the mild weather.
  2. Loire Valley: Known for its stunning castles such as Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau, the Loire Valley is a must-visit for its rich history and beautiful spring landscapes. The region is also perfect for bike tours along the Loire River.
  3. Lyon: As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Lyon is fascinating for students interested in history and architecture. The city is famous for its Renaissance district, Vieux Lyon, and the Roman amphitheater.
  4. Nice and the French Riviera: With its mild climate, the French Riviera is ideal for those looking to enjoy the coast. Nice offers beautiful beaches, the famous Promenade des Anglais, and vibrant markets. It’s a great starting point to explore other nearby glamorous towns like Cannes and Monaco.
  5. Provence: Visit Provence to witness the beginning of the lavender season and the region’s charming villages like Gordes and Roussillon. The region’s natural beauty, from the Calanques National Park to the Verdon Gorge, is particularly striking in the spring.

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What to Do

  1. Spring Festivals: Participate in local spring festivals like the Fête du Citron in Menton, the Nice Carnival, or the International Garden Festival at Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire.
  2. Outdoor Picnics and Markets: Take advantage of the pleasant weather to enjoy picnics in some of France’s beautiful parks and gardens, like the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris or Parc de la Tête d’Or in Lyon.
  3. Hiking and Biking: Spring is the perfect time for outdoor activities. Explore the countryside through hiking or biking. The Dordogne region offers stunning landscapes and prehistoric sites, while the Alps provide challenging trails for those seeking adventure.
  4. Wine Tasting and Tours: Many vineyards in regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne begin to open up for tours and tastings in the spring.

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Seasonal Dishes

  1. Salade de Chèvre Chaud: A warm goat cheese salad, often featuring a toasted baguette with melted goat cheese on top of mixed greens, dressed with vinaigrette. It’s light yet satisfying, perfect for spring.
  2. Quiche aux Asperges: An asparagus quiche, combining the tender, fresh taste of spring asparagus with a creamy, savoury custard in a flaky pastry crust.
  3. Soupe à l’Oseille: Sorrel soup, a traditional French soup made from sorrel leaves, providing a tangy flavour that’s refreshing and light for the season.
  4. Tartare de Saumon: Fresh salmon tartare, typically seasoned with herbs, capers, and a touch of citrus, showcasing the freshness of spring seafood.

Student Best Suited for Spring in France

The ideal student for springtime in France is adaptable, eager to explore, and keen on integrating outdoor learning and cultural experiences into their study abroad journey. This season is perfect for those who thrive in dynamic environments and are eager to embrace all that their host country offers, from language learning to delving into the French way of life.

Interested in diving deeper into the opportunities awaiting you in France? Our team is here to provide detailed information about our school locations and the optimal times for you to embark on your academic journey. 

Contact us today to learn how you can begin your educational journey in France next spring.

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