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A day in the life of a student in Paris: How much does it cost to live in Paris?

By Jean
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student expense in paris

Paris is known to have some of the highest living costs in the world, and the student expense in Paris might seem impossibly expensive. But it is actually totally possible to live in Paris while studying full-time – so long as you are prepared.

To get an understanding of the student expense in Paris, we asked one of our students, Allison, to give us some insight. Allison is from the United States and is studying at a French language school full-time. She agreed to share how much she spent in a day with us. Here is how much she spent in a day:


Since she attends evening classes, early breakfast is skipped in favour of a hearty brunch. Here’s the cost breakdown for her typical brunch ingredients:

  • Bread: €1.50
  • Tomatoes: €1.99
  • Greens: €2.00
  • Carton of Eggs: €4.85
  • Avocados: €3.75

While these ingredients last a few days, the total cost is considered for the daily expense.

Total Brunch Cost: €14.09

student expense in paris

Coffee and Snack Before Classes

Around 12:30 PM, she enjoys a cup of coffee at home. Before heading to afternoon classes, she stops at the supermarket to get a quick snack:

  • Croissant: €1.30
  • Sparkling Water: €1.89

Total Snack Cost: €3.19

student expense in paris


Dinner is often prepared at home, a more budget-friendly and satisfying option. Here’s what she typically spends on a pasta dinner:

  • Pasta: €2.55
  • Tomatoes (already purchased for brunch)
  • Pesto Sauce: €2.85
  • Zucchini: €2.40
  • Garlic: €3.99 (which lasts multiple meals)
  • Parmesan Cheese: €4.45

Given that garlic and parmesan cheese last longer, the daily cost for these ingredients is approximated.

Total Dinner Cost: €10.84

student expense in paris

Living in Paris Without Breaking the Bank

Living in Paris can be affordable with careful budgeting. Allison spent €28.12 as follows:

  • Brunch: €14.09
  • Afternoon: €3.19
  • Dinner: €10.84

Here are some tips based on Allison’s experience to manage the cost of living in Paris as a student:

  • Cook at Home: Preparing meals at home saves a lot compared to dining out. This significantly reduces the cost of living in Paris as a student.
  • Use Public Transport: Investing in a monthly Navigo pass for unlimited travel on public transport within Paris is cost-effective and convenient, helping to manage the overall cost of living in Paris as a student.

student expense in paris

Estimate Your Student Expense in Paris

Wondering how much does it cost to live and study in Paris? Use our cost of living calculator to find out! Get an estimate here:

Use our cost of living calculator to estimate how much money you will need during your stay in France. Please note that these figures are estimates based on averages, and your actual cost of living will vary depending on your location in France, the school you attend, the duration of your studies, your accommodation, lifestyle, and spending habits.

Read more about the cost of living in Paris here:

To see this day in the life of Allison, check our Instagram account:

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