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Learn essential phrases to order at restaurants in France

By Jean
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ordering at restaurants in french

France is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, and experiencing it firsthand is a significant part of living and studying in the country. For international students, navigating menus and ordering at restaurants can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

To help you feel more confident and make your dining experiences more enjoyable, here are some essential phrases and tips. Mastering these key phrases will not only enhance your experience ordering at restaurants but also help you immerse yourself more fully in French culture.

ordering at restaurants in french

Understanding the Menu

  1. Ask about today’s main course:
    • Quel est le plat du jour?
      What is the dish of the day?
  2. Ask for the drinks menu:
    • Je voudrais voir la carte des boissons, s’il vous plaît.
      I would like to see the drinks menu, please.
  3. Ask for the dessert menu:
    • Je voudrais voir la carte des desserts, s’il vous plaît.
      I would like to see the dessert menu, please.

Ordering at Restaurants

  1. Making a reservation:
    • Je voudrais réserver une table pour deux personnes à 19 heures.
      I would like to reserve a table for two at 7 PM.
  2. Placing an order:
    • Je prendrai…
      I will have…
    • Que me conseillez-vous de prendre?
      Could you recommend a dish for me?
  3. Special requests:
    • Je suis allergique à…
      I am allergic to…
    • Sans gluten, s’il vous plaît.
      Gluten-free, please.
  4. Ordering wine:
    • Je prendrai une bouteille de vin rouge/blanc.
      I will have a bottle of red/white wine.
    • Quel vin recommendez-vous avec ce plat?
      Which wine goes well with this dish?

ordering at restaurants in french

Asking for Clarifications

  1. Spiciness and dietary preferences:
    • Est-ce que c’est épicé?
      Is it spicy?
    • Est-ce que c’est végétarien?
      Is it vegetarian?
  2. Portion sizes:
    • Est-ce que ce plat est suffisant pour une personnel?
      Is this dish enough for one person?

During the Meal

  1. To call the waiter:
    • Excusez-moi!
      Excuse me!
    • S’il vous plaît!
  2. Additional requests:
    • Puis-je avoir un peu plus de pain?
      Can I have some more bread?
    • De l’eau, s’il vous plaît.
      Water, please.

ordering at restaurants in french

After the Meal

  1. Asking for the bill:
    • L’addition, s’il vous plaît.
      The bill, please.
    • Est-ce que je peux payer par carte?
      Can I pay by card?
  2. Thanking the staff:
    • Merci beaucoup pour votre service.
      Thank you very much for your service.

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