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Discover Paris 2024 new sports: breaking, skateboarding, surfing, and climbing

By Gilbert
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As the Olympic flame draws closer to Paris, the sporting world buzzes with excitement over the addition of 4 new disciplines: breaking, skateboarding, surfing, and climbing. These sports reflect the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) mission to modernize the games and engage a younger audience.

Let’s dive into Paris 2024 new sports and discover the French athletes who will compete in these disciplines.

Paris 2024 New Sports


Originating from the hip-hop culture of the 1970s in the United States, breaking, or breakdancing, is set to make its Olympic debut in Paris 2024. This competitive dance form combines style, technique, and musicality, where “b-boys” and “b-girls” battle it out on the dance floor.

The addition of breaking aims to capture the imagination of a global youth audience, showcasing the blend of athleticism and artistry. France, with its vibrant breakdance scene, is expected to be a strong contender. Keep an eye on French b-boys and b-girls, such as Mounir Biba, who are gearing up to spin, freeze, and battle their way to Olympic glory.

Paris 2024 new sports

After a successful debut in Tokyo 2020, skateboarding continues to roll into the Paris 2024 Olympics. The sport will feature 2 disciplines: street and park, each testing athletes’ skills in trick execution, originality, and style on urban-inspired courses and hollowed-out bowls, respectively.

France’s vibrant skate culture is epitomized by athletes like Aurélien Giraud and Madeleine Larcheron, young talents ready to skate their way onto the Olympic podium. Their participation not only represents France’s commitment to skateboarding but also its broader embrace of urban sports culture.

Paris 2024 new sports

Introduced in Tokyo 2020, surfing’s inclusion in the Olympics speaks to the IOC’s desire to include nature-based sports that resonate with coastal cultures and the global push for environmental awareness. It’s worth noting that France is no stranger to the surfing world, with Biarritz being recognized as one of the most popular and revered surfing spots globally, attracting surfers from across the globe to its challenging waves and vibrant surfing culture.

French surfers such as Johanne Defay and Jérémy Florès, who have made their marks on the World Surf League, are set to showcase their prowess against the backdrop of Tahiti’s legendary swells.

Paris 2024 new sports

Sport climbing’s inclusion in the Olympics, starting with Tokyo 2020, has elevated the profile of this thrilling sport. It comprises 3 disciplines: speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing, challenging athletes’ strength, agility, and problem-solving skills.

The French climbing community, known for its passion and competitive spirit, will be represented by climbers like Julia Chanourdie and Mickaël Mawem. Their participation highlights climbing’s strategic and physical demands and France’s role in the sport’s growing popularity.

Paris 2024 new sports

Why These Disciplines?

The addition of breaking, skateboarding, surfing, and climbing to the Paris 2024 Olympics reflects the IOC’s strategic move towards inclusivity, modernity, and sustainability. These sports attract younger audiences, highlight cultural trends, and emphasize engagement with urban environments and natural landscapes. By embracing these disciplines, the Olympics not only evolve with the times but also offer a platform for diverse expressions of athleticism and artistry.

For international students in France, witnessing these sports at the Olympics offers a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary French culture and the global athletic community. Paris 2024 is set to be a celebration of youth, innovation, and the unifying power of sports.

If you’re planning to visit France during the Paris Olympics, check out our article for practical information you should know:

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