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Phone numbers you need to know if you live in France

By Jean
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phone numbers france

For international students planning to live and study in France, it’s essential to be prepared for any situation. Knowing the important phone numbers to call in case of an emergency, for health services, or even for everyday needs can make your transition smoother and ensure your safety.

Here are the key phone numbers you need to have saved on your phone when living in France.

phone numbers france

Emergency Services

Medical Emergencies in France: 15

For any medical emergencies, dial 15 to reach SAMU (Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente). This number is crucial if someone is seriously ill, injured, or requires urgent medical attention.

Medical Emergencies in France for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 114

Dial 114 if you are deaf or hard of hearing and need emergency assistance. This number allows you to send a text message to emergency services.

Medical Emergencies in Europe: 112

The number 112 is the universal emergency number that works across the European Union. You can dial this number for any type of emergency—police, fire, or medical services. It’s especially useful for travelers and expatriates as operators can assist in multiple languages.

Police: 17

If you need urgent police assistance, dial 17. This number connects you directly to the police department in case of crimes, theft, or any situation requiring immediate police intervention.

Fire Brigade: 18 (or 112 again)

For fires, accidents, or any situation requiring the fire department, call 18. The French fire brigade is well-equipped to handle various emergencies, including road accidents and medical emergencies.

Sea Emergencies: 196

For any emergencies at sea, dial 196. This number connects you to the French Coast Guard for immediate assistance in maritime situations.

phone numbers france

Health Services

SOS Médecins: 36 24

SOS Médecins provides 24/7 medical assistance, including house calls. This service is particularly useful if you need a doctor outside regular office hours or are unable to visit a medical facility.

Emergency Dentist: 01 42 36 00 50

If you experience a dental emergency outside of regular office hours, call 01 42 36 00 50 to find an emergency dentist. This service is especially useful for urgent dental issues like severe pain, broken teeth, or infections.

Mental Health Support: 01 45 65 81 09

For mental health support, this helpline offers counseling and assistance for those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

phone numbers france

Everyday Assistance

Pharmacies Open 24/7: 3237

To find a pharmacy that is open outside regular business hours, you can call 3237. Pharmacists in France can provide immediate advice for minor health concerns and over-the-counter medication.

Lost and Found: 08 92 68 32 41

If you lose personal belongings, contact the national lost and found service. This service helps track and return lost items, which can be especially helpful if you misplace important documents or valuables.

Public Transport Information: 36 35

For information about public transportation in France, including schedules, routes, and ticket prices, call 36 35. This number is invaluable for navigating French cities and towns efficiently.

Support Services

SOS Help (English-Speaking): 01 46 21 46 46

SOS Help offers support and a listening ear for English-speaking residents in France. Whether you’re feeling homesick, stressed, or just need someone to talk to, they provide confidential assistance.

Women’s Aid: 39 19

For women facing domestic violence or abuse, 39 19 connects you to support services and shelters. This service is available 24/7 and offers confidential advice and assistance.

Student Helpline: 0 800 130 000

This helpline offers support for students dealing with various issues, from academic stress to mental health concerns. They provide guidance and connect students with necessary resources.

phone numbers france

Practical Tips

  • Save Numbers Locally: Make sure to save these numbers in your phone’s contact list for easy access.
  • Language Assistance: While many emergency operators speak English, it’s helpful to learn basic French phrases to communicate your needs effectively.
  • Stay Informed: Familiarize yourself with the locations of nearby hospitals, police stations, and pharmacies.

Living in France can be an enriching experience, and being prepared with these important phone numbers ensures that you can handle emergencies and daily challenges with confidence. Keep this list handy and share it with fellow international students to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

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