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Learn new vocabulary with the 2024 Olympics in France

By Gilbert
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French vocabulary 2024 Olympics

The upcoming 2024 Olympics in France presents an unparalleled opportunity for international students and Francophiles alike to immerse themselves in the French language and culture.

As the world turns its eyes to France, what better time to expand your linguistic horizons and learn new French vocabulary and expressions to sound like a native when your favourite athletes receive medals?

General Olympics Terms

  • Les Jeux Olympiques – The Olympic Games
  • La cérémonie d’ouverture – Opening Ceremony
  • La cérémonie de clôture – Closing Ceremony
  • Le village olympique – Olympic Village
  • Le porte-drapeau – Flag Bearer
  • Le relais de la torche olympique – Olympic Torch Relay
  • Les épreuves – Events
  • Les médailles – Medals
    • La médaille d’or – Gold Medal
    • La médaille d’argent – Silver Medal
    • La médaille de bronze – Bronze Medal
  • Le podium – Podium
  • Le record du monde – World Record

Sports Categories

Athlétisme – Athletics
Aviron – Rowing
Rugby – Rugby
Badminton – Badminton
Basket-ball – Basketball
Boxe – Boxing
Équitation – Equestrian
Escrime – Fencing
Lutte – Wrestling
Escalade – Climbing
Football – Football
Golf – Golf
Handball – Handball
Hockey – Hockey
Judo – Judo
Aviron – Rowing
Voile – Sailing
Tir à l’arc – Archery
Tennis de table – Table Tennis
Taekwondo – Taekwondo
Tennis – Tennis
Triathlon – Triathlon
Plongeon – Diving
Natation – Swimming
Water-polo – Water Polo
Haltérophilie – Weightlifting
Lutte – Wrestling
Escalade – Climbing
Skateboard – Skateboarding
Surf – Surfing
All the sports of Paris 2024 here:
French vocabulary
2024 Olympics


  • Le chronomètre – Timer
  • Gagner – To win
  • Perdre – To lose
  • L’équipe – Team
  • L’adversaire – Opponent
  • La compétition – Competition
  • Le match – Match/Game
  • La qualification – Qualification
  • Le record – Record
  • La finale – Final

Venues and Spectators

  • Le stade – Stadium
  • L’arène – Arena
  • Le terrain – Field
  • La piscine – Pool
  • Le gymnase – Gymnasium
  • Les gradins – Bleachers/Stands
  • Les spectateurs – Spectators
  • La foule – Crowd
  • Le siège – Seat
  • La billetterie – Ticket office

French vocabulary 2024 Olympics


  • Allez! – Go! / Come on!
  • Quel match incroyable ! – What an incredible match!
  • On est les champions ! – We are the champions!
  • Quelle victoire ! – What a victory!
  • On a gagné ! – We won!
  • Quel retour ! – What a comeback!
  • On a écrasé l’adversaire ! – We crushed the opponent!
  • Victoire écrasante ! – Crushing victory!
  • On l’a fait ! – We did it!
  • Ils n’avaient aucune chance contre nous ! – They stood no chance against us!
  • C’est un rêve qui devient réalité ! – It’s a dream come true!

Tips for Learning French Vocabulary

  1. Watch French Coverage: Tune into French TV channels or online platforms offering coverage of the Olympics. Listening to commentators will help you pick up terminology and pronunciation.
  2. Join Conversation Groups: Engage with fellow learners or native speakers in discussion groups focused on the Olympics. It’s a fun way to practice your vocabulary in context.
  3. Use Flashcards: Create flashcards featuring French Olympics vocabulary alongside their translations in your native language, or even better, include visuals to ensure better retention in your memory.

French vocabulary 2024 Olympics

Prepare for the 2024 Olympics in France

As the 2024 Olympics in France approach, there’s no better time to dive into the world of French language learning. Let the games inspire your learning journey and open new doors in your pursuit of French fluency.

We invite you to explore our programs designed for international students who wish to experience the best of French education and culture. Whether you’re looking to improve your French, understand French culture, or simply live an unforgettable adventure, we have an option for you. Contact us to get your life and study in France journey started.

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