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Best series for learning French

By Aline
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series for learning french

Learning French is not just about mastering grammar or expanding your vocabulary; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture, understanding the nuances of the language, and connecting with its rich history.

Whether you’re planning to live, study in France, or simply passionate about the language, having the right resources for learning French can make your language learning journey both effective and enjoyable. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best series for learning French, catering to both beginners and more advanced learners.

Why Watching Series in French Accelerates Learning

In the journey to fluency, immersing oneself in the language is key. Watching series in French is not just an entertaining way to pass the time; it’s a powerful tool for language learning. This method allows learners to hear French as it’s spoken by natives, providing insights into idiomatic expressions, slang, and the rhythm of speech. It contextualizes vocabulary and grammar in real-life scenarios, making the learning process more intuitive and engaging.

Some Series for Learning French

For Beginners
  • Extra French: This educational sitcom is specifically designed for beginners, presenting relatable scenarios with slow, clear dialogue and repetitive language patterns. It’s humorous and engaging, making it a great starting point for new learners.
  • French in Action: Although more of an instructional program than a traditional series, “French in Action” uses a narrative approach to teaching French. It’s highly immersive, using a story-based format to introduce basic vocabulary and phrases without relying on English translation.
  • Téléfrançais: Ideal for absolute beginners, this Canadian TV series from the ’90s is aimed at younger audiences but is just as effective for adult learners. It features simple dialogues, repetitive language, and entertaining characters, including a talking pineapple, to keep the learning process fun.

series for learning french
For Intermediate Learners
  • Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!): This popular series provides a comedic glimpse into the life of Parisian talent agents. It’s filled with witty dialogues, cultural references, and industry-specific jargon, making it ideal for learners looking to expand their vocabulary and understanding of French societal norms.
  • Un gars, une fille: This comedy series, featuring short episodes about the daily life of a couple, uses a lot of colloquial French and humour. It’s an excellent choice for learners who want to get used to the pace of natural spoken French while picking up on everyday vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
  • Fais pas ci, fais pas ça: A family comedy series that explores the lives of two neighbouring families with drastically different parenting styles. It’s great for learners interested in everyday language and familial expressions, offering insights into French domestic life and culture.
  • Kaamelott: This series offers a humorous and quirky take on the Arthurian legends, presenting them in a series of short episodes. The language is a mix of modern and archaic French, providing a fun and unique challenge for learners. It’s especially suitable for those interested in French history, medieval culture, and humour.

series for learning french
For Advanced Learners
  • Le Bureau des Légendes: A gripping espionage thriller that delves deep into the lives of agents within the French external intelligence service. The series is renowned for its realistic portrayal of espionage, sophisticated plotlines, and use of technical jargon, making it ideal for advanced learners interested in politics, international relations, and espionage.
  • Marseille: Netflix’s first French original series delves into the gritty political battles in the city of Marseille, featuring Gérard Depardieu. The dialogue is rich with political terminology and colloquial speech, offering advanced learners insight into the complex interplay of politics, power, and personal ambition in France.
  • Versailles: Set during the reign of Louis XIV, this historical drama brings the intrigue of the French court to life with a focus on the political, romantic, and societal challenges of the time. The series features a rich tapestry of language, from the formal and refined French of the nobility to the more colloquial expressions of the common folk, making it a fantastic resource for advanced learners interested in history and cultural studies.
  • La Mante: This thriller series involves a serial killer and her detective son, providing a gripping narrative filled with psychological depth. The use of police and psychological terminology, combined with the fast-paced dialogue, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for those looking to push their comprehension skills further.

series for learning french

Benefits of Watching Series in French

  1. Enhanced Listening Skills: Regular exposure to native French speakers in series improves understanding and comprehension of the language’s pace and pronunciation.
  2. Improved Pronunciation: Mimicking the dialogue from characters helps in practicing and refining your accent and intonation.
  3. Expanded Vocabulary: Learn new words and expressions within the context of their use, making them easier to remember and apply.
  4. Increased Language Retention: Engaging with compelling stories and characters helps in retaining new vocabulary and grammatical structures more effectively.
  5. Preparation for Real-Life Conversations: Exposure to everyday language, slang, and idiomatic expressions prepares learners for authentic interactions with native speakers.

Tips for Integrating French Series into Your Learning Routine

  1. Use Subtitles Wisely: Start with English subtitles, then switch to French as you become more comfortable, and eventually try watching without any subtitles.
  2. Repeat and Mimic: Pause and repeat after the characters to practice pronunciation. Try to mimic the intonation and rhythm of their speech.
  3. Keep a Vocabulary Notebook: Jot down new words and phrases you encounter and review them regularly.
  4. Watch Regularly: Make watching French series a regular part of your learning routine, aiming for consistency rather than binge-watching.
  5. Engage with the Content: Summarize episodes, discuss them with friends or in language exchange meetups, and use the content as a starting point for exploring more about French culture.

The Ultimate Resources for Learning French

When it comes to mastering the French language, immersive learning stands unparalleled in its effectiveness, offering learners the unique opportunity to live the language in its native context. By studying at a language school in France, students are not only taught by native speakers but are also surrounded by French culture, customs, and daily interactions that textbooks simply cannot replicate. 

At Go! Go! France, we’re dedicated to making your dream of studying in France a reality. Through our tailored services, comprehensive support, and student-first approach, we simplify the visa application process and pave the way for your educational adventure in France. 

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