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The action-oriented approach in French language schools

By Gilbert
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action-oriented approach

In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages stands out as a pivotal skill. French, known for its elegance and complexity, can be a challenge to master. However, the adoption of the action-oriented approach by French language schools has revolutionized language learning, making it more accessible, engaging, and practical for students from across the globe.

This article delves into the essence of the action-oriented approach, its framework, and the myriad benefits it offers to learners.

Understanding the Action-Oriented Approach

The action-oriented approach is a dynamic method of language teaching endorsed by the Council of Europe as part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It shifts the focus from traditional rote learning to engaging students as social agents who actively use the language to accomplish tasks and solve problems in real-life scenarios.

This approach is built on the premise that language learning is most effective when students are involved in meaningful communication, simulating real-life situations they are likely to encounter outside the classroom.

action-oriented approach

Framework of the Action-Oriented Approach

The framework of the action-oriented approach is designed to integrate language learning with the acquisition of cultural and intercultural competencies, thereby preparing students for real-world communication in French-speaking environments. It encompasses several key components:

  • Task-Based Learning: Students engage in tasks that require the use of French to achieve specific outcomes, mirroring real-life challenges.
  • Collaborative Projects: Learning involves collaboration, fostering teamwork and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Authentic Materials: Use of real-world materials (e.g., news articles, videos, and social media content) enhances cultural understanding and keeps lessons relevant. We talk more in detail about French textbooks and learning materials used by French language schools in this article:
  • Self-Assessment: Encourages learners to reflect on their progress and set personal learning goals, promoting autonomy and motivation.

Benefits of the Action-Oriented Approach

The action-oriented approach offers numerous benefits to students learning French, especially for those aiming to immerse themselves in France’s rich cultural and academic life:

  • Enhanced Engagement: By participating in meaningful activities, students are more engaged and motivated to learn.
  • Practical Language Use: This approach equips students with practical language skills, preparing them for everyday communication and professional environments in France.
  • Cultural Immersion: Through the use of authentic materials and scenarios, students gain insights into the French culture, enhancing their adaptation and enjoyment of living in France.
  • Improved Autonomy: The emphasis on self-assessment and personal goal-setting encourages learners to take charge of their language learning journey.
  • Social Integration: Collaborative projects and tasks facilitate social interactions, aiding in the integration of international students into the French community.

The action-oriented approach used in French language schools offers a comprehensive, practical, and enjoyable path to language proficiency. It not only prepares students for academic success but also equips them with the cultural and communicative competencies needed to thrive in French-speaking environments.

action-oriented approach

Give It A Try

Focusing on active participation, real-world application, and cultural immersion, this teaching method provides a solid framework for international students to achieve fluency in French and fully embrace their journey in France.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a student seeking to enhance your French, we’re here to support your studies. Opting to learn French through total immersion at a language school in France, you’ll make rapid progress and create unforgettable memories. Contact us to apply for a language school!

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