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Why you should learn French in Bordeaux

By Jean
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learning French in bordeaux

Bordeaux, with its world-renowned wine culture and stunning neoclassical architecture, offers a unique and enriching environment for international students looking to learn French. This prestigious city in the heart of France’s wine country combines a rich historical legacy with a vibrant, modern lifestyle, making it an ideal setting for language acquisition and cultural immersion.

Let’s explore the benefits of learning French in Bordeaux and why you should choose Bordeaux for your studies.

Wine Capital of the World

Bordeaux, often celebrated as the wine capital of the world, immerses students in the heart of French winemaking culture. The region’s vineyards and châteaux offer unparalleled opportunities for learning about viticulture, wine tasting, and the global wine industry.

learning French in bordeaux

The city itself, with its UNESCO-listed historic center and landmarks like the stunning Place de la Bourse and the expansive Quais de Bordeaux, provides a daily backdrop for cultural exploration and language practice amidst the world’s most famous wine region.

Bordeaux’s cultural scene is as rich and varied as its wine list. The city hosts numerous festivals, such as the Bordeaux Wine Festival and the River Festival, offering students a wealth of opportunities to experience French culture firsthand.

The culinary scene in Bordeaux, from traditional French bistros to high-end gastronomic restaurants, reflects the region’s gastronomic excellence, offering a diverse palette of flavours for every taste.

learning French in bordeaux

Cafés, Restaurants, and the Bordelais Culinary Experience

The city’s numerous cafés and restaurants, set against the backdrop of its elegant streets and squares, provide the perfect setting for practising French while savouring local specialities. Dishes like canelés, entrecôte à la Bordelaise, and oysters from the nearby Arcachon Bay are just a taste of the local fare that students can enjoy.

International Connectivity

Bordeaux’s strategic location near the Atlantic coast offers excellent connectivity, making it a convenient base for exploring the rest of France and Europe. Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport facilitates easy travel with numerous domestic and international flights.

Easy of Life

Bordeaux, famous for its wine, is also a city of exceptional living standards.

Supermarkets, organic markets, and the iconic Marché des Capucins cater to culinary enthusiasts. Shopping is a pleasure in the pedestrian-friendly city center, offering everything from luxury brands to antiques. Bordeaux’s cultural scene is rich, with the Opera National, numerous festivals, and wine tours. The public transportation system, including trams and bikes, is excellent. Healthcare services are accessible and high-quality, with several hospitals. The city’s commitment to public spaces is evident in its riverfront promenades, public gardens, and the transformation of the Garonne’s banks into leisure areas.

learning French in bordeaux

Budget in Bordeaux

While known for its luxury, Bordeaux also offers a variety of budget-friendly living options for students.

An indicative budget in Bordeaux might include:

  • Monthly public transportation pass: €30
  • Average lunch at a budget restaurant: €10-€15
  • Monthly groceries: €150-€200
  • Coffee at a local café: €1.50-€3

These figures are indicative and can vary based on lifestyle and choices.
Use our cost of living calculator to find out how much it costs to live and study in Bordeaux:

High-Quality Language Schools

Bordeaux is home to several prestigious universities and language schools offering French courses that cater to all levels. These institutions often integrate cultural immersion into their curriculum, such as wine tasting classes, cultural excursions, and cooking workshops, enhancing the language learning experience.

See our schools in Bordeaux:

The Ideal Student for Bordeaux

The perfect student for Bordeaux is someone who cherishes the blend of tradition and modernity, the fine arts of winemaking and gastronomy, and the joys of living in a city that celebrates the good life under the sun.

learning French in bordeaux

Interested in Learning French in Bordeaux?

If the allure of Bordeaux, with its world-class wines, stunning architecture, and sunny lifestyle, captivates you, let this city be your gateway to mastering French.

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