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What you can buy at tobacco stores in France

By Jean
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tobacco stores in france

For international students, understanding what you can purchase at local newsagents and tobacco stores in France is crucial for a comfortable and engaging stay. Known locally as “tabacs” or “maisons de la presse,” these stores offer a surprising variety of goods and services beyond just newspapers and cigarettes.

This guide will explore the wide range of items and conveniences available at newsagents and tobacco stores in France, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your journey.

The Role of Tobacco Stores in France

In France, newsagents and tobacco stores are a staple of everyday life, serving as key points of convenience in both urban and rural areas. Characterized by the distinctive red “tabac” sign, they are easily identifiable and accessible. These stores are not only a place to purchase newspapers, magazines, and tobacco products but also serve as local hubs for a variety of services and goods, making them indispensable for many residents and visitors alike.

tobacco stores in france

Popular Products and Services Offered

Here’s an overview of the diverse range of products and services you can find in these establishments:

Press and Publications
  • Newspapers and Magazines: From local dailies to international weeklies, tabacs offer a wide selection of newspapers and magazines, covering news, entertainment, sports, and specialized interests.

Tobacco and Smoking Accessories
  • Tobacco Products: These include cigarettes, cigars, rolling tobacco, and pipe tobacco. You’ll also find electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids.
  • Smoking Accessories: Lighters, rolling papers, and filters are available, catering to the needs of smokers and vapers.

Lottery and Betting
  • Lottery Tickets: Tabacs are official outlets for purchasing national lottery tickets, scratch cards, and participating in other betting games.

tobacco stores in france
Stationery and Office Supplies
  • School and Office Supplies: These stores often stock a basic range of stationery items like pens, notebooks, and envelopes, useful for students and professionals.

Confectionery and Beverages
  • Sweets and Snacks: A selection of candies, chocolates, and snacks are typically available for a quick treat.
  • Cold Drinks: Refrigerated beverages, including soft drinks and water, are handy during warmer months.

Gifts and Miscellaneous Items
  • Postcards and Stamps: For tourists and locals wishing to send greetings or letters, postcards and postage stamps are conveniently sold here.
  • Small Gifts: Keychains, toys, and small gadgets can be found, perfect for last-minute gifts or souvenirs.

tobacco stores in france
Digital, Financial and Postal Services
  • Mobile Phone Credit: You can top up your prepaid mobile phone credit at these stores.
  • Public Transport Tickets: In some locations, you can purchase tickets for local buses, trams, and trains, making it a quick stop for your commuting needs.
  • Post Stamps: These stores often sell a variety of postal supplies, including stamps for sending letters and postcards both domestically and internationally.

tobacco stores in france

Vocabulary for Making Purchases at the Store

When exploring newsagents and tobacco stores in France, having a basic grasp of French phrases can greatly enhance your shopping experience. Whether you’re picking up a magazine, buying lottery tickets, or just grabbing a snack, knowing how to communicate can make your visit smoother and more enjoyable.

Dive into our blog to discover essential French vocabulary for shopping:

For international students in France, familiarizing yourself with the offerings at local newsagents and tobacco stores ensures you’re never far from the essentials or a bit of local culture. Whether it’s to catch up on the latest news, indulge in a sweet treat, or simply enjoy the convenience of various services, French tabacs are your go-to spots for daily needs and more.

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