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Go! Go! France
Live & Study in France​

Go! Go! France launched in 2023 to help people from all over the world live & study in France. We at Go! Go! France are all about turning your dreams of living and studying in France into reality! Our mission? To help you broaden your horizons, enrich your life and add a French twist to your learning adventure – all with as little stress for you as possible.

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Go! Go! France
Live & Study in France​

We are a passionate team dedicated to helping dreamers like you from all corners of the globe turn their visions of living in France into a reality. We do this by assisting you in choosing the perfect school, guiding you through the enrollment process, helping you secure your visa if necessary, finding your cozy new home, and offering support with all the other little details needed to make your transition to life in France as smooth as possible. Let’s get you settled into your exciting French adventure!


Changing lives through study abroad

Go! Go! World now has more than 50 employees from 21 different countries and helps more than 1500 students in a single year across Japan, South Korea and Spain.
Despite the pandemic and border closures Go! Go! World continues to support students from all over the world to reach their goal of living and studying abroad.
Go! Go! World now has 60 employees from 26 countries and helped more than 3000 students in 2022 to study abroad across Go! Go! Nihon, Go! Go! Hanguk and Go! Go! España, increasing Go! Go! World's leadership as the study abroad businesses of choice for the nationalities of students.
Our company reaches it's 10 year anniversary. We help over 1900 students in a single year to achieve their dreams of living and studying in Japan, Korea or Spain.
As Spain and Korea reopen to students and tourism we help over 500 students find the right study abroad choice for them.
As Go! Go! Nihon, Go! Go! Hanguk and Go! Go! Espãna continue to grow their agency leadership year on year, Go! Go! World decided to launch two further locations. Go! Go! France helps people around the world who want to study in France and Go! Go! Italia is launched for those who an to have an italian study adventure!

Our Team

Our team comes from 10 different countries!

Davide Rossi

Go! Go! World CEO

When the CEO of Go! Go! World Davide first moved to Japan in 2008 to study Japanese it was extremely difficult for him to choose the right language school, and accommodation and he believed things should be different. He’s made it the Go! Go! World mission to make it as easy as possible to help students live and study abroad, working only with the best partners to allow them to achieve this dream.

Julien Bonaventure

Go! Go! France Country Manager

After growing up in France, Julien completed a study abroad program in Japan and his passion for studying abroad was born. He joined our team in 2020 and helped support students for Go! Go! Nihon with their language and post secondary education goals for over 3 years. Now, he oversees all of the Go! Go! France operations.

Emma McEntee

Go! Go! World Head of Global Marketing

Emma joined Go! Go! World in 2019 to develop and lead the Global Marketing team to drive campaigns across the globe to build awareness of all of the Go! Go! World businesses. Her 18+ years of marketing experience allowed us to succeed in our goals even during the global pandemic and deliver the strongest numbers since the business began in 2009.























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I reached out to Go! Go! France in October of 2023, many months prior to my decision to move to France in March of 2024. I was unsure and worried about all the steps it would... take. My expectations were low and thought that they would only help help me with applying for schools. However they helped me every step of the way with any questions or problems that came up. From getting basic information, to facilitating the application process, to directly contacting the school on my behalf when necessary, as well as handling small issues with the immigration websites or interviews. They even provided easy to understand guidance of procedures and assistance AFTER I arrived in France. Go! Go! France made everything so easy and stress free.Julien was amazing he defiantly deserves a raise for the amount of kindness and unwavering support he provided. He is the best!If anyone reading this review is thinking about going to France or just needs more information, I 100% recommend using Go! Go! France. Really amazing. Thank you so more
Allison P.
Allison P.
Julien has been absolutely incredible in helping me with every step along the way to study french in Montpellier. He answered every question I had (and very quickly), and filled... me in on everything I needed to know. Not only did he help me with everything learning related, he also put a lot of time and effort into find accommodations that would be suitable for me. Everything was super easy and Julien made sure that all of it was super clear and understandable.I couldn’t recommend “Go! Go! France” enough! I found out about them from a youtube video of someone who went to Japan using their service and I told myself then, that if I were ever to go to a language school, I would use their service, and oh boy am I happy I did! (I mean honestly why wouldn’t you? It’s free!)The whole process took about 2 months and my time with “Go! Go! France” has now come to an end as everything is perfectly sorted out. But I can assure you If i were ever to learn another language again, I would most definitely choose a “Go! Go! …” service to help me along with my journey.A huge thanks again to Julien and the “Go! Go! France” team, you guys rock!- Mia Joy Mueller (18 years old, from Germany)read more
Mia Joy M
Mia Joy M

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