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Go! Go! France
Live & Study in France​

Go! Go! France launched in 2023 to help people from all over the world live & study in France. We at Go! Go! France are all about turning your dreams of living and studying in France into reality! Our mission? To help you broaden your horizons, enrich your life and add a French twist to your learning adventure – all with as little stress for you as possible.

Who we are

Go! Go! France
Live & Study in France​

We are a passionate team dedicated to helping dreamers like you from all corners of the globe turn their visions of living in France into a reality. We do this by assisting you in choosing the perfect school, guiding you through the enrollment process, helping you secure your visa if necessary, finding your cozy new home, and offering support with all the other little details needed to make your transition to life in France as smooth as possible. Let’s get you settled into your exciting French adventure!

Our Team

Our team comes from 8 different countries!

Davide Rossi

Go! Go! World CEO

When the CEO of Go! Go! World Davide first moved to Japan in 2008 to study Japanese it was extremely difficult for him to choose the right language school, and accommodation and he believed things should be different. He’s made it the Go! Go! World mission to make it as easy as possible to help students live and study abroad, working only with the best partners to allow them to achieve this dream.

Julien Bonaventure

Go! Go! France Country Manager

After growing up in France, Julien completed a study abroad program in Japan and his passion for studying abroad was born. He joined our team in 2020 and helped support students for Go! Go! Nihon with their language and post secondary education goals for over 3 years. Now, he oversees all of the Go! Go! France operations.

Emma McEntee

Go! Go! World Head of Global Marketing

Emma joined Go! Go! World in 2019 to develop and lead the Global Marketing team to drive campaigns across the globe to build awareness of all of the Go! Go! World businesses. Her 18+ years of marketing experience allowed us to succeed in our goals even during the global pandemic and deliver the strongest numbers since the business began in 2009.





















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